Equalization of Financial Support for the Public Schools in Tennessee. A Summary Report.

This report briefly summarizes the background, the criteria and procedures for evaluation, the findings, and the recommendations of the Tennessee School Finance Equity Study that, during the two year period ending in November, 1979, examined Tennessee's present program for financing the public schools, kindergarten through grade 12. The purpose of the study was twofold: to review and analyze Tennessee's program of financial support for the public schools in the various local school districts of the state in terms of equity for children and equity for taxpayers and to recommend changes in the state program of financial support considered desirable and necessary to help achieve equality of educational opportunity for all pupils in the public schools. Aspects of financing public education reviewed by the study include access to educational resources; costs of educational programs; fiscal need factors in relation to financing public education in urban, suburban, and rural school systems; funding of school transportation; relative local government (county) ability in taxation; fiscal capacity and effort of counties to support public education; the state and local tax system; and plans for greater equalization of financial support for the public schools. (Author/IRT)

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